If you are new here, welcome.  I started this blog as a way to record the wedding planning process after Ian proposed.  Post wedding, it evolved into a blog about our life as a married couple living in Baltimore and included many boring adventures of being a law student.  Then, I got pregnant and I used the blog to record all the exciting happenings of pregnancy (while being a law student).  Finally, Luca arrived and this became a place to let out my feelings about life with a medically challenged child.  I now use this as a place to record random happenings in our life, the serious stuff, the funny stuff, the things that make my heart swell with happiness, and lots of random tidbits.

(I wrote a welcome post awhile ago - check it out for some links to some of my favorite posts, and more about this blog.)  

As I look back at how and what I wrote throughout this blog, I can see how I have changed and evolved as a person.  I love that I can look back and see what we were up to over the years.

And a bit of a warning that I wish I did not have to say. The pictures and stories here are mine so please respect that (so no downloading the pictures please!).  Also, I encourage comments and differences of opinion so long as they are done in a respectful manner.

Happy reading!

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