Tuesday, October 2, 2007

And we're off!

I guess neither one of us was expecting the whirlwind that accompanies getting engaged so we both have been (pleasantly) surprised by the feedback we've gotten from everyone. What has not been as pleasant is realizing that if we're trying to get married in June 2008, we've got to get moving!

So far we have narrowed down our ceremony locations. We are waiting to hear back about one but it looks as though our wedding will be on June 21st or June 28th. We'll let you know as soon as we know. I also will post pictures of the location once we've confirmed it.

I have figured out who will be standing up there on the big day with me and while Ian has figured it out as well, he has no idea how to tell each of them! Any fun suggestions for telling guys?

Here are some pictures from the night we got engaged and from brunch the next morning to celebrate.


  1. haha i LOVE it! that ring is so pretty! he did a great job :P

    i can't wait to see where you guys are getting married!

  2. Yes! Another website bound to consume hours of my life! Nice :)

  3. *Even though I e-mailed you my comment, I love seeing comments on my blog so I'm still posting it.*

    I am so frickin' excited! I guess getting a bouquet ripped out of your hands doesn't imply that you won't get married soon (and incidentally, you're getting married before her!).

    Suggestions to ask guys... hhmm... I'm trying to think of how The Mr. did it. I think he just called them? I can't envision Ian being cutesy and clever... I say he should buy them a 6-pack of their fave beer with a little sticky note that says, "what are you doing on [wedding date]?"


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