Hi - and welcome, readers!  I am Kate or Katie, depending on which friend or family member I am with.  I live in Maryland with my husband Ian, our little lady Luca, and our dog Tessa. I started this blog to document the craziness that is wedding planning, after Ian proposed in September 2007.  We got married in June 2008 (check out the Our Wedding page for more details on the wedding planning process) and have been loving married life. I also happen to be in law school - that's an adventure all in itself. We had our first baby, Luca, in August 2010. Life has thrown us some curve balls but we are learning about how strong our marriage is, and how strong we are as people in order to be the best parents to Luca.  I am a lover of wine, a good book, laughing, cooking, dancing, God, and the Redskins (among other things).  The joys, the stresses, the laughs - all about us. Welcome.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to email me at: frommagerkstoidos@gmail.com.