Tuesday, September 24, 2013

On we go

We are finally at a point where L is excited when we mention that she is going to school.  She runs to her backpack, yells "Mama uppa" (asking if I will be picking her up from school), then "Tttessssa" (asking if Tessa will be coming with me to pick her up).  She still cries when Ian drops her off, but her teachers assure me that she calms down within a couple minutes and enjoys the rest of the day.  She is all smiles when I pick her up.  At school, she is loving PE, art and music.  She comes home with art projects on a weekly basis.  Her teachers tell me she is "head strong", as if that is news to me.  Of course she is, she has to be to fight for life!

We were prepared for a year of lots of colds since this is her first time around this many kids and we can only protect her from illness to an extent.  And thank goodness we were prepared because we are in week 3 of school and she is on her 3rd cold.  Her immune system weakness is no joke.  Fortunately, the colds have not bothered her too much and have not required any intervention until today.  Her cough has been lingering just too long and antibiotics are needed.  But she is still eating and happy so on we go.

Life has been a bit crazy since she started school.  She is going through another liver transplant complication that is scaring me to the core.  The words "relisting" and "retransplant" have been discussed, but will not be decided on for months yet.  Nonetheless, this start of the school year has been quite busy with her being in school, me being in my last semester, and with the added procedures and hospital admissions on our plate.

As a result, I am trying to take better care of my body.  Walking more regularly.  Drinking less alcohol. Eating better.  I am wearing my Fitbit religiously and trying to get outside to help with my stress levels. We also are continuing to meet up with friends and family and trying to keep life as upbeat and normal as possible.  We have the best of family and friends around us.

On we go, even with the bumps.

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