Monday, May 3, 2010

Gloomy Monday

It's a gloomy Monday, but it's kind of better this way because I am in crunch mode.  Final HUGE paper due tomorrow, exam on Wednesday, exam on Friday, exam next Monday.  Praying I get through this week without losing my sanity.

4 random things for you today (and they are unrelated to each other):

1.  The glider and ottoman are arriving today and I cannot WAIT!

2.  Places that ban certain breeds of dogs are CRAZY! (and I'm not just saying that out of the blue - I've done my research and seriously, the laws suck, cost money, and are completely ineffective).

3.  I am madly in love with my husband (for lots of reasons - hopefully will have time to discuss them in more detail this week.  But right this second...I'm loving that he got me dunkin donuts decaf coffee so I could make some this morning.)

4.  I think baby girl found my left rib cage this morning.  She's been playing with my most bottom rib.  Oh, and I found 1 stretch mark.  Eek!


  1. I remember when I got the call that our glider/ottoman was in - I was super excited too. Hey... that corner of Aiden's room was really empty up until then....cant have that! I still sneak into his room when everyone is gone and just sit in the chair. I figure I should break in the cushins now :) Enjoy getting yours!

    I don't agree with dog breed bans either... its all on how you raise a dog.

    PS.... I think I have a butt or a head jamming into my right rib and it itsnt exactly comfortable lol

  2. Omigosh!! My LO has definitely discovered the safety of my rib cage and has been pushing herself up there all week! She is driving me nuts trying to open my ribs up.


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