Tuesday, May 4, 2010

29 Weeks

UPDATED with Pictures!

Baby girl is growing, growing, growing!  She weighs almost 3 pounds now, and is about 17 inches long.  That's a lot of baby in my belly!  She is officially curled up in the fetal position now as she's run out of room to stretch out.  She's graduated from eggplant to a large squash (although if you look at the picture of the squash, can someone tell me what kind of squash this is??!). 

As she's getting bigger, her kicks are feeling a little less powerful (because she can't wind that foot or arm up).  Her movements feel more like somersaults, like my belly rolls with her movements, or bulges if she's moving a limb.  She has days where she is incredibly active with only a few short breaks of quiet.  Other days she stays quiet for huge periods of time and seems calm.  I hear that this is completely normal, but it sometimes makes me nervous on the days she's not quiet as active.

Me, I'm feeling pretty good.  I've been getting a lot of sleep, and especially during exam week I'm focusing on getting enough sleep.  I do not want my body to get run down.  I've been really careful about what I eat and that's helped the whole heartburn/indigestion issue.  I think garlic is on my list of foods not to eat.  Sad face - I love garlic.  But I can eat it again in 11 weeks!

Mentally, we're just trying to wrap our heads around the fact that we will have a baby girl in our arms in 11 weeks.  Even though we're buying things for her, and preparing for her arrival on a daily basis, it's still hard to comprehend just how much our lives are going to change.  I've always, always, always wanted to be a mom.  I absolutely adore kids.  I've always said "I can't wait to have kids."  Now that it's approaching, it feels surreal.  All this time I've been dreaming about it, and it's finally becoming a reality and sometimes the thought just makes me too happy that I somehow get a little overwhelmed.  How did I get so lucky? 

Then, I look at people around me who are desperately waiting for their turns, and I ache for them.  It sometimes makes me feel guilty.  I so want everyone who wants to experience this to be able to do so.  It truly is a gift and I don't ever want to lose sight of that.  No matter how much I complain about these minor pregnancy symptoms like heartburn and feeling big - at the end of the day, I wouldn't trade it.  So today, I'm feeling incredibly grateful.

Now, I hope I can stay that grateful when I'm ginormous and not sleeping, waiting for this baby to make her debut?!

You can see I still very much have an "inny" belly button.


  1. Awww!! This is great! I am so happy for you guys! You had better post pictures! I am so bad at that...

    I too am grateful for the little things that this pregnancy has brought so far. We tried and tried, and so although I complain here and there, I wouldn't trade it for the world.

  2. Great pictures!
    I feel the same way about people who are ready to have kids and it hasn't happened yet.
    I love your white tank, did you purchase it recently?

  3. 11 weeks!! Time is going to FLY by!

  4. You look great! I cant believe you are due in 11 weeks! Im glad I made it over the halfway mark finally, but its going to be a long summer!


  5. AH so amazing Kate!!!! You and baby look great.xo


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