Monday, January 11, 2010


Having so much vacation time with Ian over the holidays truly spoiled me.  Last week was his first full week back at work, and everyday I felt a little bummed out being at home by myself.  I missed goofing around with him, eating a lengthy breakfast, going out for lunch, or just laying on the couch watching TV or movies.  I loved having the time off with him.

By Friday, I was so relieved to have time with him over the weekend.  We met up with lots of friends this weekend.  Friday night I went to a girls-night-in party and the hostess had arranged a sex toys party.  It provided lots of laughs with girls I don't see very often.  Saturday, we had lunch with Kim and her hubby at one of our favorite places.  We always have lots of laughs with those two.  And yesterday, we met up with my friends Annie, Nick (and his gf) and Josh (and his gf) for brunch.  Meals with Nick and Josh tend to involve very inappropriate topics and the boys inevitably embarrass us with their loudness - always good times.  I hadn't seen this group in awhile - so it was so great to catch up with them - I really miss living near them.

We had a fabulous weekend.  Now, it's Monday, and Ian's at work and I'm feeling a little bummed out once again.  But today, I'm keeping myself busy with schoolwork (I start back to school a week from tomorrow) and hope to finally break down the Christmas tree.  Yeah, I was selfish and refused to spend my time with Ian doing things like chores and taking down the tree - I wanted to snuggle and lay on the couch.  It will be good to go back to school so I can stop being a baby :)


  1. Jeremy starts classes tonight and I'm already bummed about how I'll spend my evenings.

    I wasn't kidding when I wanted to know if Ian wanted to join a sewing club with me. haha!


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