Friday, January 8, 2010

Random Friday-ness

While we were in England, Maryland got a huge snow storm.  I was hoping we'd see some when we got home, but we got to the parking lot at the airport to discover that rain had washed all of it away.  I'm not really a cold weather person, but for some reason I become a giddy girl when it snows.  I love taking Tessa out in it, going for a long walk, and then coming inside and having hot chocolate!  Well we got snow last night - but it's hardly enough to get giddy about.  Hoping 2010 will bring another big snow storm to us!

But it's probably a good thing it didn't snow too much because we have lots of plans for the weekend.  Tonight I am heading to a girls-night-in party.  Tomorrow we have plans to grab lunch with the lovely Kim and Jeremy.  And Sunday we have brunch with high schools friends.  I'm trying to get in lots of friend time before I go back to school in 1.5 weeks.

At some point, we need to take down the Christmas tree and take it to the recycling center.  I've been procrastinating on that!

You have anything fun planned for the weekend? 


  1. We procrastinated on taking the tree down too, it's just so pretty!! And now that it's gone we miss it! The corner is just so bare without it!

  2. Girls-nights-in, my favorite!

    Hope you had a great weekend :)


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