Thursday, December 17, 2009


I survived exam week - barely.  My exams were overall extremely tough, harder than expected for a couple of them.  But they're over!  And that means I am officially halfway finished with law school. WOOHOO!

Now, I'm busy packing all of our clothes and Christmas presents.  We are taking so much stuff to England - I'm hoping our bags won't be over the weight limit.  We have one full bag full of presents we have to take.  This will be nice because then we have a whole bag that will be empty, waiting for us to buy fun stuff from England to fill it with to bring home.

We got up early (me to a migraine, perfect timing), packed Tessa, and off she went with my Dad.  She looked pitifully mopey knowing that when her stuff is packed and mom and dad walk away, she won't see us for awhile.  And I think we get just as upset leaving her.  We're such dorks.

I must run now to finish last minute errands and finish packing before we leave for the airport.  I'm so excited to be on vacation with my amazing hubby.  Have a fabulous holiday, everyone! 

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