Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I have 1 exam down, two more to go.  Yesterday's was quite brutal - I was writing up to the very last minute and then ran (literally) to turn it in.

Oh and British Airways crew members, you picked a horrible time to strike.  And unlike your request that passengers be upset the airline and not you, if we cannot get home from England I will only blame you.  You might not want to bite the hands that feed you at a time like Christmas.

I found out the lovely piece of news that we'll get to England fine, but getting home is kind of up in the air.  I wouldn't complain (because hey, I have the time off so why not spend more time in a fabulous country), but Ian is supposed to work the week after Christmas which means it would screw up his vacation time a lot for next year.  And we already have plans for him to use his vacation time for something else (more on this once I get back from England).  Besides, as much as I love his family, I might be ready to be back home in my own bed after 10 days, and if our flight is cancelled coming home, we might not be home until January 3 which adds an extra 7-8 days onto that original 10 day stay. 

Here's to hoping the strike is settled before the 26th.


  1. oooh - that stinks! Well I hope it works out for you guys. Too bad the airline wouldn't transfer you to another airline to come home.

  2. I hope the strike ends before the 26th for you! I would think that it would - that would be very bad for business.


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