Monday, May 4, 2009

Ta Da!

Just when I am cranky because of school and being a pain in the ass, Ian surprises me. We've been trying to cook more at home, or I should say, I've been trying to encourage Ian to do so. Well, he's gotten himself the title of Master Chef, which is probably bad news for him because it means I'll want him to cook a lot more often, but definitely good news for me.

Saturday he made mushroom ragu over creamy polenta - it was positively hearty and flavorful, while the creamy polenta was amazingly creamy. Then Sunday, he spent about 3 hours making homemade lasagna. I'm not normally a lasagna lover - but I could get used to this one. In the middle of cooking, he yells from the kitchen that he suddenly has a new appreciation for Moms who cook a lot. So later he called his Mom to let her know - and then she proceeded to tell me...

Kate, Ian told me as a teenager that he would end up marrying someone who does all of the cooking and cleaning for him. [big laughs from her]

My dearest hubby, saying that has certainly come back to haunt you now that I'm in law school.

One reoccurring bicker I have with him is that I honestly do not think he has washed the towels or sheets since we've been married. Well ladies and gentlemen, I went to climb into bed and realized he had changed the sheets, and put our new duvet cover on the bed. I really am a lucky girl. Either that or I'm just one helluva man trainer.

*UPDATE - that means that I normally wash the sheets and towels - not that we seriously are dirty people.

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