Friday, January 11, 2008

STDs are Mailed Out!

I realized I hadn't explained how many schools I had applied to - 21. The reason for this is that it's extremely common to get a ton of fee waivers. Of the 21, I think I only had to pay for about 12 of them. And the way law school applications work, you fill out one application online through a service, then it fills in this information into every single school's application. You check over each application afterwards to make sure it's all filled out correctly, attach one personal essay electronically for each school (it's the same one for each school), attach your resume electronically, hit the submit button. It charges your credit card and voila, you're all done! It really has made me feel old considering how different the application process was for colleges - maybe it's still the same? Not so sure.

I heard from another school - University of Miami - accepted. 4 down - 17 more to go!

I finished addressing the last few STDs last night (minus about 5 that I'm still waiting on). The boy put them in the mail on his way to work this morning!! YAYYYYYYY!!!

I planned a date night for tonight. Not sure if we'll end up having it because I have a yucky cold that the boy gave me. I left the evening's events a surprise until this morning. The plan is to go to 2 Amys Pizza then go to see Juno.

Tomorrow morning I am taking Abby (my junior bridesmaid) to take a cookie decorating class at L Academie de Cuisine in Bethesda. She's 12 years old and has become quite the little chef. For Christmas, I searched for something we could do that involves cooking and found the cookie decorating class that is for parents/children (I'm acting as if I were her parent). Hopefully we'll be bringing home some yummy cookies. I'll try to take pictures!


  1. YAH!!! I got mine yesterday! Perfect choice!!!! :)

  2. I just want to say that we got the STD this weekend and um... AWESOME! I love it! Love it love it love it.

    And thanks! I feel like such a rock star (not that I'm trying to turn anything about your wedding into something about me). I'm just flattered, I guess. :-) If you ever want to do a photo shoot again, we're so down.

  3. I knew you'd be excited Kim! We'll have to do another shoot once it's warm out!


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