Monday, January 14, 2008

It's So Official

Now that the STDs are out and we've been hearing that people have received them, things seem right around the corner! It's hard to believe we're right about 5 months away now:) Here is the STD we sent out (and if you haven't received it - you probably should in the next day or so). We're excited to use the picture Kim and Jeremy took - we love it! And Lauren's design is perfect:)

Friday night we went to La Panetteria Ristorante Italiano in Bethesda for some old-fashioned italian. It was so delicious and very well priced! Check it out (on Cordell across from Caddie's). I'd post their website but they don't have one. Try the Tortellini with Amore sauce - delicious.

Saturday morning, I met Maggie and Abby for breakfast and then Abby and I went to our Cookie Decorating class at L Academie de Cuisine in Bethesda. I cannot rave enough about it. We had the best time! Here's a picture of the two of us as chefs:

Saturday evening, we babysat for a friend from work. Her little boy is 6 months old and too cute. I wish I had taken some pictures!

Yesterday was a hectic day! We were out running errands and finishing our registry for 7 hours. I am happy to say that we're finished except for adding the rest of our bathroom decor choices (towels and accessories). We had the hardest time with three items: bedding, everyday dishes, and shower curtain/bathroom decor. It's not even that we had trouble agreeing on things - but more so that we had trouble finding anything that we really loved. There was some disagreeing on the bedding pattern - Ian likes manly bachelor-pad-looking patterns that although are nice, are also very dark and too modern for me. He likes things that are dark brown or gray and very modern, clean lines. I like lighter, more girly with some type of pattern but not too flowery. After 6 hours, we went to Crate and Barrel to pick dishes AGAIN and came across our bedding that we both like!! Here it is:)

Registering for the most part was somewhat fun. It's only after you've been to the stores for the umptieth time that it becomes not-so-much fun, and becomes stressful. You see, I HATE malls. I like finding things and spending money, but actually being in the mall I find excruciating. Most husbands would probably like this because it means less time spent in malls for them as well. But Ian is a big shopper - he could shop for 12 straight hours go to sleep and do it again the next day. I get claustrophobic, hot, very moody, hungry, achy, thirsty, and probably more than anything - my germaphobic tendencies start making me panic. I do much better shopping at outlets, for instance, because in between stores I am able to be out in the fresh air away from all the germs and people. Because of this, it makes the whole registering part more of a chore than it should be. Ian loved registering (until the stressful part of not being able to find anything we life).

Anyways - after 7 hours of malls, I was cranky and exhausted. I think I'm actually still recovering!

We also watched The Birds this weekend. I had watched it when I was in 6th or 7th grade and I remember being so scared. Ian hadn't seen it and wanted to so we watched it this weekend. For some reason, I didn't find it scary this time - and I'm a weenie about any type of horror movies. Ian found it hilarious actually. Oh well - still worth seeing as I can see that at the time it was made, it was probably very scary!


  1. I like the bedding!

    I really enjoyed registering although it was tough to try to not scan every little thing I wanted. I was trying to be reasonable. Actually - The Mr was more reasonable than I was and then we had a mini-argument about a toaster oven.

    Again - thanks for using the pic we took! I can't say how flattered we are enough.

  2. LOVE your STD! Kim & Jeremy did an awesome job w/ the pic!

    p.s. thanks for adding us to your blogroll :)


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