Thursday, January 10, 2008

Miles Fiasco

I have been getting a ton of mileage credit card offers from a specific airline over the last couple years - you know, the credit cards that for every dollar you spend, you get a mile. Shortly after getting engaged, I decided to accept one of these offers to put our wedding expenses on so that we could earn miles for our honeymoon. Also, it was perfect timing because the miles I already had were going to expire on December 31 (and opening the CC would allow me to keep them). Score!

So - I applied for the CC in early November. They responded within a couple weeks asking for two pieces of information - a copy of my social security card, and proof of address. I was a little weirded out by being asked for the copy of my social, but figured it's because all of my mail still goes to my mom's house and I applied for the CC under the apartment address. I submitted all the info within the requested timeframe.

As of yesterday, I still hadn't heard anything or received anything in the mail. I called and talked to someone and they looked up my information and apparently my application had fallen through the cracks. He apologized and explained that it should not have taken this long. He approved it and now my card is in the mail.

I asked if my miles could be somehow given back to me since it should've been approved before the 31st. They told me to write a letter to a specific department and that it will be looked into. I'm peeved! It's not like it was THAT many miles - 11,000 miles. I wrote my letter and faxed it over yesterday and am waiting to hear back. I'm irritated because they clearly stated that they had messed up somehow in taking so long to approve my application, and the only reason it finally was taken care of was because I called them?! Not good business!

Anyways - I'm waiting to hear back about this and am hoping they will somehow rectify the situation. In the meantime, I'm waiting for the CC to get here so I can start earning some miles!

We watched SuperBad last night and surprisingly, it was hilarious! I had heard people rave about it even though it didn't do so well in the theaters. It was more vulgar than expected, and I found myself turning to the boy to ask "is that how guys really talk?". Ha!

I also got my first rejection letter - George Mason University. It wasn't a top choice but it concerns me more than a little bit. You see, it's ranked 34th, and a few schools that are my top choices are ranked 36th. The boy and my family reminded me that we have no idea what each school is looking for. It also confirms that the higher ranked schools that I applied to are very high "reach" schools. Oh well - I've heard from 3, waiting for 18 more!

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  1. 21 schools?! You applied to 21 schools?

    Seriously - you need to motivate the Mr to start applying!


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