Friday, September 6, 2013

Luca 1 - Daddy - 0

Today should have been L's third day of school.  She began crying as soon as we started getting ready this morning.  Yikes!  Ian took her to school.  I got a phone call from Ian a little while later and heard L crying in the background.  Clearly, the drop-off was not going well.

Apparently, he got her into the classroom where she proceeded to vomit repeatedly one after another.  It is not abnormal for her to vomit from crying a ton (hence one of her nicknames by her Gtown nurses was Luca Puka).  But he didn't know if it was just from crying or if she was sick.  So home she came and I figured we'd wait to see how the day went as to whether she was sick.

She got home and almost immediately she asked to play the tickle bug game.  This is the game where she runs up and down the hallway while I chase her and tickle her until she escapes into one of the bedrooms. Then she asked for food.  Oh of course she's hungry from just emptying her stomach.  She ate, and ate, and ate.

Clearly, she is just fine.  Little L, you're heading to school on Monday, puking or not.  Luca 1 - Daddy 0.

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