Wednesday, September 4, 2013


After my post yesterday, Luca continued crying throughout the day.  She complained that her throat hurt (I knew it was from all of the crying).  She would not nap - she cried every time I left the room.  I called Ian to come home early so I could head to my night class.

I called L's pediatrician on my way to school - he is always such a source of support.  I positively love her pediatrician!  He offered up some suggestions and gave me a great pep talk - it was exactly what I needed to hear.

Meanwhile, while in class, I got updates from Ian saying L was up and about by the end of the night.  She ate a big dinner and was playing.  Finally, he actually managed to get her down early for bed - she was so exhausted from the day.

This morning, we changed up the getting ready routine a bit.  We talked to her about her going to school today.  I showed her the snack I was packing for her and had her help me put it in her backpack.  I told her about the activities her teachers had planned for the day.  And I brought out one of her favorite character animals (Brobee) and asked her if he could go with her to school.  She was super excited about that.  I told her Brobee wants to go to school, see her classroom, play with her classmatees, and meet her teachers.  I told her how lucky he was to be able to go with her and how much fun they were going to have together.  I packed Brobee in her backpack and even dressed her in her Brobee t-shirt that she loves.  Then, Ian took her to school instead of me taking her.

I was anxious all morning.  I went to pick her up and brought Tessa with me in the car.  She was brought out and greeted me with a half-smile.  I told her that Tessa was waiting in the car.  She laughed her huge belly laugh.  Her teachers asked if they could meet her doggy too.  Luca went running to the car to show her doggy off.  Her teachers reported less crying, more participating.  Apparently Brobee helped calm her this morning after Ian left her.  She even ate a little bit of her snack.

Progress.  I will take it!  Tomorrow, she does not have school, but we will be back on Friday and I am hoping she continues to make progress.

I have to thank all of the people who emailed me, called, or texted after yesterday's post.  I was bombarded with suggestions and ideas and words of support.  It truly helped me and we implemented some of those suggestions today.  I think it did make a difference!

This her her silly face that she gave me upon arriving home after school today!

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