Sunday, September 8, 2013

The little engine that could?

I have a busy week ahead and just thinking about it is making my head spin.  I need to change all of my  personal documents to reflect my new name.  Any tips for doing this?  This alone is stressing me out.  Especially since I need it done in order to finish my Maryland Bar Application to take the bar in February.  And that application (while I have finished filling it out completely) is due a week from tomorrow.  Eek!

In other news, Luca came down with her first cold of the fall season.  Two days at school and so the colds begin.  I knew this would be a winter of colds since her immune system needs to improve.  I just did not realize how soon she would pick up these colds!  So far, she seems to be handling it like a champ.  No fever and she is generally happy.  Not sure if I will be sending her to school tomorrow or not.  So far, she just has a runny nose and an occasional cough.

Let's just say, I will definitely be doubling up on my vitamin C in the next few weeks.  This mama needs to stay healthy!

And to get me through the next couple weeks...I think I can, I think I can...(or at least I hope I can)!

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  1. I used a form letter to send to credit card companies, banks, schools, etc. to let them know of my name change. Here is the generic of what I used (make A LOT of copies of your marriage certificate):

    Company Name
    Company Address

    Re: Request to change name on account

    To Whom It May Concern,

    I would like to inform you of my recent marriage and related name change. Please update your records and my account with my married name at your earliest convenience.

    Account #

    New Account Information:

    New Name

    I have included a copy of my certified marriage certificate as legal proof of my name change. If you have any questions about the requested change you can contact me by mail at the address or telephone number listed above.
    Thank you for your prompt attention to my request.

    Enclosure: certified marriage certificate (copy)


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