Thursday, April 4, 2013

Top 5

This blog here has been a way to document our life over the past 5.5 years.  With time, it is so interesting (to me) to look at the stats for the blog to see which posts are most popular.  The type of posts that were once most viewed a few years ago do not even enter the top 10 now.  I guess the theme of the blog has changed, become more serious in some ways and interestingly, those are the posts that are in the top five.  Here they are, just in case you may not have read one and want to.

The top five are:
  1. When Someone has a Loved One Hospitalized - Part I.  People search these words on the internet and end up on my post of suggestions  This post is by far the most viewed post I have ever written.  I think this post might need to be readdressed because clearly, people need suggestions for what to do for friends in this situation.  Would love to publish this post more formally.
  2. She's Here.  This post was what I wrote to let my readers know that Luca had arrived, but that things were scary serious.  Reading this post makes me sad and brings back the desperation I felt when I was writing that post.
  3. That Day.  I wrote down all of the details from when Luca became sick when she was a wee little baby.  I have trouble reading this post but I think it is popular because it is so surreal to imagine.  Honestly when I think back to those details, it feels like I am talking about someone else's life.  So glad I have this post to remember those details.
  4. Change is Here.  This post announces my return to law school after my 2.5 year leave of absence.  It is a post that represents hope and promise and makes me smile.
  5. The Financial Consequences of Organ Transplants.  I just wrote this one recently, so I am surprised that it is in the top five.  I received a ton of feedback about this post outside of the blog and I think it is popular because it clarifies how people end up in huge financial struggle despite having good health insurance.  I would love to get this post published somewhere if anyone out there is that interested in it.  

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