Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Other moms, help!

This post is for other moms out there.  About 1.5 months ago, I wrote about my adjustment to returning to law school.  I mentioned that Luca was handling it beautifully, and she was.  Until about 2 weeks ago.

People, I am losing my mind on the two days I go to school because this little girl freaks out until I leave.  From the moment she wakes up, she can sense that it is a school day for me.  I am typically running around getting ready, attempting to eat a little breakfast and drink some coffee while I pack my bag, make my lunch, and get ready.  And the entire time, she cries her eyes out.  Huge, massive, real tears.  And today, she even head-butted my legs while I blow-dried my hair, then proceeded to slap my legs repeatedly all while stomping her feet angrily.  By the time I am dressed and my hair is dry I am exhausted and anxious and irritated and she is so worked up that she even gagged and threw-up this morning.

How do you moms get ready for the day with your kids around you?  I have tried putting one of her shows on TV while I blow-dry my hair near her.  I put the ipad in the bathroom while I shower.  I have tried providing toys for her to play with, and leaving the bathroom door open so she can come in and out of the bathroom freely.  Fail.

I started getting up earlier to shower and blow-dry my hair before she wakes up.  That worked a little better except now it almost seems like she senses it and wakes up right before I do on school days.  She woke up today 6 minutes before my alarm went off - a full hour before her normal wake-up time.  Fail.

I wish I could shower and do my hair the night before, and even pack my lunch then too.  But typically I am up late finishing school work after everyone goes to bed.

How do you occupy your tot while you get things done in the morning?

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  1. Kind of sounds like she has a behavior issue! The headbutting and slapping doesn't sound normal. Perhaps she is too used to getting her way. Perhaps some discipline might be needed?

    1. Thank you for the comment. I do not think this is a behavior issue or that she is used to getting her way. She is generally a well-behaved child and often does not get her way, especially when it comes to repeat blood-draws and other medical situations she must undergo. As a result, we are very good about instilling rules and boundaries so that she understands that they are part of everyday life. These issues are fairly common with 2.5 year olds, it is why these age is called the terrible two's!

  2. Ugh, I hate that feeling when they want all your attention and you just can't give it to them right that minute.

    Is she in a toddler bed, or a crib still? My daughter is still in a crib and when she wakes up before 7am, we just started leaving her in there and she has to entertain herself for awhile. I get up at 6:30 or so to get ready. She'll usually just sing songs or talk to herself for awhile. I'm not sure what we'll do when she's in an actual bed, but hopefully some variation of that routine.

  3. I shower at night but that's a 'me' thing. I set out my clothes and pack my lunch the night before. I often stick to dinner leftovers for lunch since that doesn't really add any time to the dinner clean-up. Quick-grab lunch items are also easy to just toss in a lunch bag: a piece of fruit, yogurt, and crackers; pre-cut veggies and pita with hummus; etc. I try to get ready and pack up as much as possible before Lucia wakes up, but some mornings she thwarts those efforts. On those days I get ready as quickly as possible (no cute hair that day) or --if she's having a bad day -- I'll get ready in her bathroom while she takes a fun bath with toys and music (she's happy and entertained, and I have a few minutes to throw on a presentable face). Other times I resort to 'The Fresh Beat Band' on Amazon instant or DVD. (I don't exist when "Beats" is on.)Those are just things that work for us. Hopefully one or some eork for you too. Good luck!

  4. You might want to try getting her one of those toddler vanity/ makeup kits so that she can get ready with you. What little girl wouldn't love to blow dry her hair next to mommy, right! I had a similar issue with Niall where I couldn't make dinner because he would just hang on my leg and whine the whole time-- a friend told me to give him a bowl and some cooking utensils and let him "help". It worked like a charm!


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