Thursday, December 6, 2012

Change is here

I hinted awhile ago that I have been busy taking care of some things in life that will lead to some changes around here.  Well, here it is.

I am starting back to school in January.

Most of you know that prior to Luca's birth, I was in law school.  In fact, she was due in July and I was scheduled to start my 3rd and final year of school just a few weeks after her birth.  Then, she was 2.5 weeks overdue, and then, well, we all know what happened next.

Since then, life has been on hold.  I knew that I wanted to finish my degree, but I also knew that we cannot afford to take out anymore student loans, as my current student loans for my first two years of law school will be difficult to pay down now that we can anticipate lots of medical expenses in our lifetime.

I met with some of my favorite mentors at my school, and talked openly about my desire to return to school, but also about the financial issue.  Then, one of these mentors stepped up and advocated for me.  Then, another one did.  Then, the financial committee got involved and wanted more information about our situation.  I also mentioned that I have done a few things to give back to Children's during my time away from school.  They wanted more information again, so one of Luca's doctors stepped up and wrote a letter on my behalf.

And then, I got a call that made me jump up and down and do a happy dance with tears coming down my face.  **My school has agreed to cover the cost of tuition for the remainder of my credits.**  Can you believe that?!  That prayer has been answered.  I still have to worry about money for books, and for the small amount in fees per semester, but I have faith that somehow, some way, that money will come to us.  The hard part, the tuition, is being covered.  For that, thank God.

I am officially registered.  I plan on taking 7 credits during the spring, summer, and fall semesters of next year, and then I will be done.  I do not plan on taking the bar.  [EDITED:  At least not take the bar at this time in my life.  The hours of studying required would be impossible while also managing Luca's appointments and being a mom to her.  Maybe once she is in school full-time it will be an option.]  Instead, I plan on looking for a job that allows me to help our family financially, and allows me to do some good for kids.

My schedule for the Spring semester is flexible enough to be home most of the time, and on the days that I am at school, Ian's parents will be taking care of Luca.  Both families have been more than supportive these past couple years, and once again they all are doing everything in their power to help us move onto a better stage in our lives.  We are so lucky.

I have so many people who helped make this happen.  I am putting it out in the universe that I want the means to pay this forward one day.  It won't be tomorrow, but one day, I want to ensure that someone else in a similar situation has the opportunities that I have been given.

The time away from Luca will be good for both of us.  We have been attached to each other for over two years, and she has been giving us every sign that she is ready for some change.  I am so grateful for this time home - it was necessary and we were fortunate to have family around us that enabled me to stay home.  And I never know when something else will happen in Luca's medical situation that will require more intervention - so for right now, when our life is beginning to take on more normalcy, I am taking advantage of it and finishing this degree.

It won't be easy balancing school on top of everything else in this crazy life of ours, but I have high hopes that it will all be worth it.


  1. OMG! I'm getting all teary reading this! Congrats, congrats, congrats!

  2. That is FANTASTIC news!

    Join us law school graduates that aren't practicing law!!! (Although I would recommend taking the bar. It's a nice thing to have in your back pocket and you will NEVER have as much legal knowledge in your brain as you do when you leave law school.)

  3. That's amazing! Congratulations!

  4. Sadly, to not take the bar right after law school puts you at such a disadvantage when you do take it. You have to re-teach yourself the information that is fresh in your brain at graduation. Especially in this economic climate, I think the legal positions for unbarred attorneys are few and far between. It's wonderful that you are able to go back and finish and that your school is assisting you with the tuition. There are a lot of lawyers out there struggling right now to make ends meet in any job, legal or otherwise.

  5. Congrats on going back to school!


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