Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter in our house

I have been so busy working on my paper for school that I forgot Sunday was Easter until Thursday night.  Yikes.

Friday I packed the day with L's first haircut and a bunch of errands and luckily, the girl was a trooper and even allowed me to sit her in the shopping cart for our errands.

Our Easter was filled with too much delicious food and of course time with family.  We actually managed to take L to Easter mass for the first time and she did well.  If felt good for all of us to be there together.  We dyed eggs with L and managed to make it through the activity with only a few broken eggs.  With it being rainy outside, the Easter bunny so thoughtfully left an egg hunt inside the house for L.  Things we learned - L likes jelly beans and plain chocolate, but not peanut butter cups or peeps.  Hubs took care of those for her.  All in all, a great holiday weekend!  Here are a few pictures with many of L making a goofy smile face.

 L didn't realize the chocolate had a wrapper on it and tried to eat it as is:

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  1. Love the smile on the last post! We did not try peeps or do Easter egg dying...you are a super mom:)

  2. How did she like the peeps?


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