Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Sometimes my heart feels heavy from all that should not happen in this world.  The events in Boston yesterday.  Seeing so many children affected by medical issues that sometimes take their lives.  Watching adults struggle with life as a result of heavy things in their lives.

It is simply too much.  I had to turn the TV off yesterday after hearing that the bombs went off at the 4:09 mark during the marathon.  Ian finished his marathon 3.5 years ago at that exact mark.  People try to make sense of something so horrific, and I choose not to try to make sense of it, because there is no sense.  There is no why that justifies this.  There is no why that justifies any tragedy in life.

Instead, I pray for every single person impacted by tragedy, directly or indirectly.  That we can appreciate our time here.  That we do not take things for granted.  That we are kind to one another, accepting, loving.  We have reminders to do these things every single day.  I don't think we need anymore reminders.  Do the right thing.  Let people in your lane, even if they are being an ass.  Smile at one another.  Give people the benefit of the doubt.  Help someone who is struggling (with opening a door, or life, whatev).  Give your time, talent, money to those who need it.  Make cookies for your neighbors.  Open your arms to your loved ones.

Kindness.  I am choosing this path in the wake of such tragedy.

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