Friday, April 12, 2013


Just found Luca playing Angry Birds on the ipad.  Not just playing it, but playing it correctly.  Seriously?  I guess I should be happy that all of her OT therapy is working.  How's that for fine motor skills!

Speaking of therapy, we are starting to prepare for the big decision of whether to transition out of infants and toddlers, into the school system.  For those of you not familiar with this process, here is a very short version. At three years of age in Montgomery County, parents of children currently in MoCo's early intervention program (called Infants and Toddlers) have to attend a meeting with specialists to review the child's entire history and present needs.  At that meeting, it is determined whether the child is eligible to continue receiving services.  If found eligible, parents decide whether to continue with the current therapy scheme where therapists come into the home or daycare and provide whatever therapy the child needs.  If the parent decides to transfer into the school system to meet the child's needs, then the team of specialists decide what program will best meet the child's needs.

It is a big decision.  I attended a tour of one of the school programs yesterday.  There are so many possibilities as to what the team could decide is best for Luca and as her parent, I worry that we are making the right decision and that the team will find the perfect fit for her.  Should we decide to transition to the school system, we are leaving her care in the hands of others and the control-freak in me worries about that.

We have been weighing the pros and cons of all of it.  A huge pro to transitioning into the school system is that Luca will have more interaction with children.  She is social and loves play dates and I think she really needs to have some independence and more experience with children her age.  Transportation is provided and the thought of putting a backpack on her and putting her on the bus on her designated days makes my chest constrict and my eyes well up with tears.  Oh and a con to transitioning into the school system is that she will be exposed to all those yucky germs.  I know that at some point, she is going to have to head off to school and will be get sick as a result of it - hopefully just normal kid stuff - but I worry that we are doing this at the right time for her medically.

She is still such a baby to me.  My baby.  Is she ready for all of that?  To go off on her own?  And is her body ready for that?  Are Ian and I ready for her to be on her own?

Obviously, we have lots of research, talking, praying to do on this.  I pray that we are guided as to the best decision for Luca.  If transitioning is right, even if the thought of sending her off on a school bus scares me, I will deal with it.  But I just want to be guided as to what is right for her, at this time in her life.  Such big decisions!  And if I am stressing this much about this type of decision, I can only imagine how stressful the types of decisions will be as she gets older!

No matter what, thank goodness we even have the opportunity to make these decisions.  And that, my friends, is something I will never forget.

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  1. We had Kolton's round table today and surprise, surprise, they want to evaluate him in all areas. So now that is set up for May 17th and we discuss the results and his qualifications on May 31st. I'm really trying to hang in there with all this! But I had no idea that he would ride a bus to school everyday. Yikes, not sure I'm ready for that! I wish we lived in the same county so Kolton and Luca could be school pals =)

  2. Your state must be Infant and Toddlers our is (birth to three) where I work now. But I remember how scary that conversation was. I still almost throw up at the thought of Lynlee going to school. I'm glad we found an alternative that works out good for us and Lynlee. I'll pray that have ease making your decision.. Good Luck and keep us posted.


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