Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Outside obsession

I swear this child would be outside all day if I let her.  When we finally do come inside for a diaper change, or drink, or food, I battle a very willful little girl who tantrums because 5 consecutive hours outside is simply not enough time.  Gosh, I never let her do anything!

If you showed up unexpectedly on a nice day, you would likely find Tessa lazily laying in the sun (or shade if she has gotten too hot), Luca stomping around the yard or house somewhere with very dirty hands and legs, and me following behind, trying to persuade her to come inside to give my allergy eyes a break.

With the nicer weather, her weekly playgroup has been held outside at various playgrounds.  And we even had her physical therapist meet us there to do her therapy outside.  We might as well do therapy exactly where she wants to be, right?  Hopefully this obsession with being outside from morning to night will die down as things heat up outside because my eyes are on fire by midday.  Get me some allergy drops over here!  (Actually, totally already using them and they do nothing.  Any other tips?)

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