Monday, April 22, 2013

Hospital day

We had an early start this morning.  Luca is scheduled for a sedated CT angio and EGD (scope) today.  First, we have labs, and then off to the sedation team we go.  We had to cancel these procedures about a month ago due to her ongoing congestion issues.  She has been cleared up since they gave her a round of antibiotics, treating the congestion like a sinus infection.  And it worked.  Until Saturday, when she started with cold symptoms.  Sigh.  It seems as if we cannot go more than a couple weeks without Luca getting another cold.  This winter has been full of snot, sneezing, and coughing.  In other words, disgusting.  Ah, toddlerhood.

It is likely that her procedures will be canceled today.  Another sigh. I will know more once sedation looks and listens to her.  I hate putting these procedures off longer, but obviously putting her under sedation when she is congested is a no-go unless it is an emergency (this is not).

Either way, between little girl being NPO (no food or drink) in case she does end up having the procedures, and also that she needs labs no matter what, means we are in for a hectic day for sure.  While Ian takes Luca for labs, I am heading off to another location at the hospital to meet with a member of child life to practice my speech for an upcoming event for them.

Busy day ahead.  Praying for everything to go as needed and as smoothly as possible.

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