Saturday, April 20, 2013

Giant eye

While at the grocery store yesterday, my eyes were on fire (thank you allergies).  I have been taking oral allergy meds along with using eye drops to take away the itching, but it has not been working.  I got home and looked at my eyes and saw a bubble full of what looked like fluid ON MY EYEBALL.  Holy crap!  I freaked out.

I went to the internet and upon seeing things there thought OMG I AM TOTALLY GOING TO LOSE MY EYE!  Because the internet is the best place to find medical information, didn't you know?  I frantically called the eye doctor and they agreed to fit me in same day.

Ian came home so I could run up the street to see the doctor.  When Ian walked through the door and looked at my eye, he made a face like he wanted to vomit and said "don't touch me - I hope that's not contagious."  Aw, love at its finest.

The doctor did an exam and even flipped my eyelids to see underneath (ew).  She barely had to look at my eyes to diagnose me with a severe allergic reaction.  Official diagnosis, a combination of giant papillary conjunctivitis and allergic conjunctivitis.  Meds are already helping and luckily for my darling husband, it is not contagious and is all a result of mother nature bringing a lot of allergens out this season.

I have a picture of my lovely bubbly eye, but as I went to publish this post with the picture I realized that holy moly, I have massive eyebrows.  Note to self, never take a closeup of one part of your face.  Why has nobody ever told me to start plucking them or waxing or threading or whatever you typically do to eyebrows?!

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