Tuesday, April 23, 2013


As predicted, the sedation team took one listen to Luca and decided to postpone her scheduled procedures.  One of these days she will have these procedures done and we can go a full month without her getting a cold.

So far, this seems to be a minor cold.  Just a runny nose and a slight cough here and there.  Hopefully it stays that way.

She needed labs anyway so we had those drawn and it was so lovely to see her sitting on Ian's lap for labs instead of having her in mine.  What was more interesting is that normally she screams her head off for labs with me - requiring someone to draw labs, someone to hold her arm, and me holding her tight in my arms.  But yesterday, she sat on Ian's lab, let out one loud cry when the needle went in and then sat there patiently while her lab friend drew the blood.  No multiple people holding her, no screaming the entire time.  What the hell?!  Our regular lab lady said this is so common - that whoever normally brings the child has to fight with the child, but the other parent on the rare occasion he/she brings the child normally does not understand what the other parent has been complaining about the entire time.  I told Ian that he should take her from now on.

I hate when that happens - you get all geared up mentally for the day of a procedure, only to have the letdown of it not happening, of needing to wait for answers longer, of needing to regroup and prep mentally for procedures on another day.  Procedure days are stressful for me (and Ian presumably).  We arrange for Ian to take the day off work (and sometimes other family does the same to give us a third set of hands at the hospital). We wake Luca up earlier than usual which is not always met with a smile on her face.  Luca has to be hungry on the day of procedures which means she is super cranky.  We restrict her fluids on the day of as well, but have to load her with fluids until the cutoff time (being well hydrated makes it easier to get an IV in).  We make our way to the hospital where we have to register, then do any labs, then meet with the team.  Placing an IV is incredibly difficult (and sometimes impossible) on Luca so she normally gets a medicine through her nose to make her loopy so they can attempt to get an IV in.  After sedated, she normally vomits and is angry, angry, angry.  Then we are discharged home and deal with the repercussions of the day full of meds and trauma.

But such is life - life of a transplant mom.  This is probably life of a parent in general - but seeing as I only have experience of being a life as a transplant mom, that is how I associate it.  You come back home and keep on going and wrap your head around doing the same thing in a couple weeks.  Adjusting.  Roller coaster of emotions.

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