Sunday, February 10, 2013

(un)Welcome home

Ian came home Friday night just in time for Luca to be sick.  She started with a fever Friday morning.  I tried to make his welcome home as welcoming as possible considering how miserable Luca was.  I had strapped Luca into the baby carrier and cleaned the whole house during the day, then made chicken piccata for dinner and greeted him with a glass of wine.  Luca had other plans for welcoming her Dad - she was up most of the night Friday night and apparently she missed him so much that she would not sleep unless he was laying next to her crib with his hand in the crib for her to hold.  It was adorable to see them on the baby monitor hand in hand, but I am sure it was less adorable to him sleeping on the floor.

After a trip to the doctor's on Saturday morning, they determined she has a bad virus with a croupy cough.  Luckily, today she was feeling a bit better after a good night sleep.  And her fever finally broke.  We decided to get outside for a bit to get some fresh (not germy) air.  Ian set up Luca's new first step bicycle and Luca was quite pleased.

Enough with the pictures, mama!

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