Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The week without Ian is going just fine.  Actually, it was going really well until today.  Today, Luca had an upset tummy.  I am guessing it was a mild tummy bug.  But honestly it was so mild that I am wondering if it even was a tummy bug, or maybe just an upset stomach from something.  Lots of laundry later, and a bath for her and shower for me, I think we both are doing better.  I feel absolutely fine but was just grossed out and freaked out about the germs.

But it meant that no family was coming over today in case it was a stomach bug.  I don't want anyone else exposed.  By 7pm tonight, I was ready for this day to come to a close.  Luca was not.  She stayed up and played, and played, and fought me on going down.

I am learning a lot this week.  That I am much more capable of handling things on my own than I ever expected.  I thought I would be pulling my hair out.  But honestly, things have been much better than I thought they would be (even with the stomach bug).  But, I much prefer doing things as a team with Ian, even though I am capable of this.  Blah, blah, blah.  Enough with the deeper stuff.  Let's get down to the nitty gritty.  I hate, hate, hate refilling the humidifier.  Never realized that because Ian is the humidifier refiller on a nightly basis.  I hate dealing with putting the trash and recycling out.  I miss Ian being home so I can take a shower that is longer than 2 minutes without a screaming child in the bathroom with me.  I miss being able to walk Tessa without carrying Luca.  I am so grateful he is only away for 6 days!

Sorry this post is so jumbled.  It is 10:30pm and this mama is heading to bed.  Night!

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