Monday, February 11, 2013

Luca tidbits

I think it is time for another addition of Luca tidbits.  I love looking back at these posts to remember weird or funny or cute things she has done over time.  Random things Luca is up to these days:

  • Trying to get L ready for bed, as I pull out a new diaper and her pajamas and have my back to her, she makes a game out of quietly sneaking out of the bedroom and then as soon as she turns the corner into the hallway, runs so loudly and giggles her way down the hall.
  • While paying for anything at a store, or giving a membership card to the store, L demands that she be the one to hand the cashier the cards.  If only it meant she was actually paying for the stuff.
  • If L sees another child or baby crying, she tries to go over and either pick the child up, or at least offer a bear hug.  Even to children she does not know at the grocery store or hospital.
  • Luca already has an obsession with Elmo and Brobee.  Now, whenever she sees Mr. Snuffleupagus she laughs in this goofy fake laugh and claps her hands.  (Sidenote - totally would have spelled his name wrong had I not looked it up first.)
  • She recently learned how to sign "good night" and uses the sign to her dolls, to the TV, etc.
  • Whenever L is in the bathroom with Ian or I and we flush the toilet, she says bye-bye and waves to the toilet.  I think this sparked because when she pees on her baby potty and we dump it into the big toilet we say "bye bye pee pee."  Apparently, she thinks we say bye-bye to adult pee-pee as well.  Totally fine at home - but probably a little weird when we are in a public restroom.  Awkward!
  • My mom recently brought over a bunch of costume jewelry that was my grandmother's.  All of the earrings are clip-ons and L LOVES playing dress up with them.  Hello dangly earrings!
  • When my hair is wet, L pats the floor for me to sit down.  Then she brushes it, comes around to my face and steps back to look at how she has brushed it.  She uses her hand to kind of flick my hair, almost as if she is styling it.  Then holds up the hair-dryer, and alternates styling, brushing, and drying it.  And my hair always looks like a complete hot mess after she does it...but it is hilarious to witness so I continue to let her do it.
And posts are always better with a picture...terrible picture quality (most of the lights were off) but I love the way these two are looking at each other here.  This was late one night, way past bedtime, but sometimes rules need to be broken.


  1. This made me tear up. I am so touched by the love of your family and am honored to be part of your world in a small way.

    1. I think I know who wrote this comment - and if so, you have been there for another big event in our lives and made it so incredibly special for us! One of these days we'd love to see you in person!


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