Wednesday, January 16, 2013


2013 started out a bit more adventurous than I would have liked.  Luca was diagnosed with a complication from her transplant.  Right now, we just need to learn to live with it.  Luckily, the complication does not cause any discomfort for her - but it causes some worry for Ian and I.  Last night, we ordered a fancy video monitor to keep a closer eye on her while she sleeps.  That should help us all get some more restful sleep so I don't have to keep checking on her if she coughs or sneezes in the middle of the night.

But we are moving forward.  After getting that news yesterday, it was hard to leave her today to attend my first day back in law school.  This is a wonderful opportunity and it kind of forces me to move forward and not dwell on her diagnosis, but still, she's my baby and I feel more comfortable being with her, just in case.

But here I sit, in the cafe at school, writing a few words here to record this momentous day.  I was not sure if I would ever be able to come back to school.  Or if Luca would ever be at a point where she could be left for the day.  Here we are.  Arms wide open for all of the possibilities given to us.  Keeping our fears to the side.  Trying to push forward and live.  It is certainly a process, but we are getting there.  And along the way, we are so grateful for everyone in our life helping to make this opportunity a reality.  Thank you.

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