Friday, January 11, 2013

The holidays at home

2012 was all about our life taking on a bit more normalcy.  We came out of the bubble that is the life of a transplant patient immediately following transplant.  We saw friends more often.  We introduced Luca to some typical kid experiences.  We had more date nights.  We went away for the first time just as husband and wife.  We eliminated lots of Luca's meds.  She started eating and drinking without assistance from her g-tube.  We had lots of family time.  We spent every holiday and birthday at home with our loved ones.  We have watched Luca turn from dependent baby to an independent little girl in what seems like a blink of an eye.  It also was a year of dealing with the emotional effects of everything we went through in 2011.  We needed some time to let our hearts heal and while it still is a work in progress, we are doing much better emotionally than we were a year ago.

Sure, it was also filled with doctor appointments, blood draws, one overnight admission (compared to 2011!), an ER visit, two surgeries/procedures requiring anesthesia, and many many colds and ear infections (for all of us).

But my God, 2012 was so much better than 2011.  It was a fantastic year of growth and love.  And one I will look back on fondly.

Here are some pictures from Christmas 2012 and the week off together!

Seeing the presents under the tree:

...and pretty excited about it!

Trying on her new Elmo slippers.

Like mother, like daughter.

Luca's most recent smile - when she wants to be goofy.

Waiting for the food!

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