Thursday, January 24, 2013


Sometimes I get so overwhelmed with pure happiness.  I love my husband.  I love our daughter with all of my being, furiously.  I love the life we have created.  I may get overwhelmed and exhausted, but generally, I am happy every single day.  And even when there are such horrible things that happen around us, I cannot help but feel grateful for every single day that I get to kiss my husband and daughter goodnight.  When days get hard, I simply remember that not everyone has that privilege, and it brings me back to reality.  And within our own bubble, when I get too far ahead of myself worrying about our future, I remember that we are here together today, wrap my arms around Luca, and try to stay in the moment.


  1. If you could bottle that ability to not freak out about the future, to put worry behind you and revel in the gloriousness of the present day, would you please do so and mail it to me? I just do not have that ability and it clouds my days, I admire you!

    1. Oh Mindy, I most certainly do freak out. I have just been trying to hold onto those awesome moments to carry me through those freak-outs!


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