Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Oh Luca

Tonight after I got home from class, I was making myself a plate for dinner and Ian came into the kitchen to get Luca's things ready for bedtime.  Luca was not joining us for some reason.  Ian went to check on her, and she followed him back out to the kitchen and repeatedly shouted "Mama!! Ma!  Mama!" until I turned around.  She took my hand and dragged me to her room.  The closer we got to her room, she started giggling and as we turned the corner into her room, she got a case of uncontrollable giggling.  And I realized why.

She had dumped all of her clothes from her dresser out onto the floor.  She let go of my hand, went over and picked up some more, and threw them onto the floor again, laughing her butt off.

Toddlerhood.  She thought it was the best of fun until I told her she had to put it all away.

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