Friday, December 7, 2012

Your hair


Can I tell you how much I love your hair?  It is the best combination of straight and curly.  It is soft and has bounce and while the front can look a little shaggy (I can never keep up with how quickly your bangs grow), the back always looks sweet and lovely.  You love to bring me your brush, back into my lap, and sit there for crazy amounts of time while I brush it.  You hate it being up in a ponytail.  I play with it all day long, brushing your bangs away from your face and putting a finger through the inside of each of your curls.  I gently pull the curl and watch as it springs back up.  Those curls deceive just how long your hair is.  And the color is amazing.  It looks like you have blonder highlights in dirty blond hair, with a slight strawberry undertone going on.  People pay money to get your exact hair color.  Women often have a love/hate relationship with their hair texture or color, but I hope you learn to love exactly what you've been given.  

Your mama

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