Monday, December 10, 2012

December is here

Happy Monday everyone!  I hope you had a fun-filled weekend.

I am jumping on the bandwagon by telling you about how we are preparing for the Christmas season.  I have brought out our cinnamon candles to fill the house with the lovely scent.  We bought our Christmas tree a week ago.  I find that if we get it pretty early, that by the time New Year's comes around, I am totally ready to tear down the tree and decorations.  We went to a nearby place to pick out our tree.  This is the first year Luca could walk around and participate in picking out our tree.  I do not think she particularly cared about what we were doing there, but rather thought it was fun to run around in between the trees.  Here she is, checking out what this tree situation is all about:

We brought out our Christmas decorations and stockings.  We turned on Christmas music (Ian makes me wait until December 1st every year...but don't tell him that I listen to Christmas music during the day before December 1st...shhhh, he doesn't need to know).  Luca wandered around with only a diaper, checking out the strands of lights, glittered ornaments, and pretending to smell the tree.  She seems to want to be naked all the time these days, no matter how cold it is in the house or outside.  I swear that kid would go outside sans clothes if we let her.

We also bought two advent calendars - one for Ian and one for Luca (I could care less about eating those little chocolates).  Luca had never had a piece of chocolate before having one from her advent calendar.  She signed "again" almost as soon as she had put that first chocolate to her lips.  Luckily, she accepts our explanation that she has to wait until tomorrow for another one without any fuss.

We've been putting ornaments on the tree every night.  Luca is getting the hang of it, but seems a bit too intrigued by it during the day, when I catch her trying to take the ornaments off the tree.  I tell her "gentle" and "no, we keep the ornaments on the tree" about 12 times per day.  Typical toddler, getting into everything.

I love Christmas.  I love the decorations.  I love seeing family and friends.  I love getting together for holiday traditions, old and new.  Hoping your holiday season is off to a bright start!


  1. Oh my word. Look at that sweet tubie girl!!!! I love these shots! Cor has been "helping" with the tree too, there is one branch with 4 ornaments and a candy cane on it. Of course, since we made a huge deal about him hanging his first ornament...he now requires applause for every ornament placement from here to eternity. Ha. Whatever keeps them participating!

  2. Awww these pictures are precious!!


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