Sunday, October 28, 2012

Tubes in

Early Friday we went to Georgetown for labs, and then to same-day surgery center for Luca to have tubes put in her ears.  Super common procedure - lots more involved when you are a transplant patient.  Here is what the day was like.

She wanted to bring her baby's stroller, so she walked in on her own.  (It was still dark - it was THAT early.)

We arrived to same-day surgery and they had her put on this awesome outfit.

After they checked her vitals and went over things, she was off to the playroom to pass some time.

When it was time, I got suited up in an equally awesome outfit while they gave her some "happy juice" that made her completely out of it.  One last picture, then I took her to the OR with her team of people (seriously, there were over 10 people for this quick procedure).

She stayed on my lap while they put her out and then after a transfer to the table, I left the room.  (I love that they allow me to stay with her in a comfortable position until she is out, but no matter how many times I have seen her go under anesthesia, I still hate it and get choked up every single time I leave the room.)  They were going to just use the mask for the quick procedure, but because of her recent vomiting episodes they consulted and decided to put an IV in, intubate her, and put her fully out for the procedure.  Other than that change, things went as planned.

The intubation and IV placement probably took longer than the tubes being placed in her ears - but the total time was about 35 minutes probably.  Her doctor found a bit of fluid but nothing major.  Then I was allowed to go to PACU where she was screaming her head off for the nurses.  I held her and sang to her.  She dozed off and on.  They put us in a wheelchair and took us back to the surgery center where Ian and our family was waiting.  She took naps on each of us and then it was time to head home.

But she did not want to be carried out.  Nope - in pure Luca fashion, she wanted to walk out on her own...the same way she walked in. Pushing her empty baby stroller of course.

The rest of the day included lots of fussiness.  We took her outside to get some fresh air.  Inevitably, being outside calms her.

She was exhausted from the day (and so were we!) so we all went to bed early.  Since Friday, she has been sleeping great but still seems a bit uncomfortable with her ears.  Hopefully, time will heal things and she will be feeling back to normal in no time.


  1. She is adorable. I'm glad the procedure went smoothly! She's a real trooper.

  2. Poor baby girl. Glad things went well and hope your days have been better since.


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