Monday, October 22, 2012

Sick day

My Monday has consisted of a lot of snuggling and a whole lot of driving.  Luca has been vomiting about once per day for almost 2 weeks, so I decided it was time to get her labs checked at Georgetown to make sure this is nothing liver related.  My thought is that she is vomiting up mucus since she still has fluid in her ear, but I wanted confirmation that nothing else is going on.  Upon waking up, she felt warm to me and sure enough she was starting a low fever.

After they pulled her blood and I was walking back into the packed waiting room, she decided it would be the perfect time to vomit all over me.  I could feel everyone staring me down.  With all of the waiting room full of other immunosuppressed people, I am sure they were freaking out that she has a stomach bug.  I would too if I saw a child throwing up in front of me.  Thanks Luc.

After labs at Georgetown, I swung by the house to pick up some food and drink for Luca for the car ride up to her pediatrician in Lutherville (near Towson), and a change of clothes for me.  *Don't even ask why I am still driving over an hour for her peds appointments.*  Pediatrician checked her out - all looks just fine so this must be a little virus (the fever, not the vomiting).  Vomiting is from the fluid most likely, especially because she goes from vomiting to immediately eating afterwards.

I finally got back home at 4pm.  Mama needed coffee and food!

Then, it was more snuggling...

And she even perked up a bit to pose for the camera.  Love her wild hair.  

Her lab results are back - they look the best they have in probably 6 months.  Happy dance.


  1. Yay for great labs. Hopefully the virus is short lived!! Hopefully you both get lots of rest tonight.

    1. We did get lots of rest - thanks! I will make sure she is in the clear before we meet up again :)

  2. Sweet little LuLu! Love those pics of the sweet girl. I'm glad the labs came back normal!

    1. Me too lady - they are never this good!

  3. Replies
    1. Seriously - we need to go out and celebrate your news soon. Amazing!

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks, Megan! I think she's a keeper.


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