Monday, October 29, 2012

Everyone's freaking out

Everyone on the East coast here is freaking out about Hurricane Sandy.  I will admit, I am included in "everyone."  When Luca still used a feeding pump for her nutritional needs, power outages stressed us out because we never knew how long the feeding pump battery would last without needing to be recharged.  But we have not used her feeding pump in at least 6 months so that no longer stresses me out.  How awesome is that?!

We have massive trees close to the house that I worry about.  But my biggest concern is the power going out.  I could care less about getting too cold in our house (we have a fireplace, we'll manage okay), or not having TV.  What really scares me is the thought of losing the food in our frig and freezer.  We are so tight on money that I do a lot of sale shopping for our food - stock up when stuff is on sale and freeze it.  I have even gotten into couponing a bit to help.  If we have to clean everything out and start anew, I probably will shed some tears for all of that money and food gone.

So far, the power is still on.  Ian came home from work early.  We have our batteries and flashlights ready to go, along with candles.  We have food to eat.  We have wine.  And we have halloween candy that I CANNOT STOP EATING.  It's like the impending doom makes the snickers call my name.

In all seriousness - I hope everyone stays safe out there.  And for those people who were smart enough to look into getting a generator (earlier than like, this morning, like me), you lucky bastards.

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