Thursday, February 16, 2012

Once again, I have gone astray from this little blog.  I wish I had some great excuse...but life gets busy around here and time just kind of slips by.  I mean to blog and have so many things I want to put down here.  But the days go by and I have to choose those free moments of quiet carefully.

I feel like Luca's assistant many days - managing her doctor appointments, phone calls to insurance companies, filing all of her paper work, doing her therapy exercises, chauffeuring her to and from her appointments.

And it seems like her little immune system is very sensitive.  While none of these issues have warranted hospital admissions (thank God), I sincerely hope and pray that we can have some better stability soon.  Since November, it has been one pesky little thing after another.  Colds, 3 ear infections, multiple teeth coming in, constipation issues, and currently, a pretty bad infection around her g-tube.  Last week for example, between hospital visits and pediatrician visits, we spent three days visiting doctors.  That excludes days of therapy at home.  And on the days we were not at the doctor's office, I spoke with her pediatrician every single day.

I want my little happy girl to be just that.  And while we get a good day or two here and there, inevitably one of the above sparks up and causes her discomfort.  And as a mama, it is incredibly hard to watch your sweet babe in pain or discomfort.  On days where she is happy, she is independent and wants to play and run around all day.  On the happy days, I am able to accomplish some things like laundry and phone calls.  On days where one of the above is bothering her, she is whiny and clingy and it leaves me another day of getting nothing done, and I lay my head down at night exhausted, both mentally and physically.

I am hoping with the spring weather around the corner, that it will bring with it some stability.  I want my happy girl back!  If nothing else, it will allow us to get out in the sunshine and provide some new distractions and adventures.

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