Monday, October 3, 2011

Random thoughts on a Monday

  • Since Luca began crawling, she is moving so quickly through these milestones, it really is amazing to see.  Every time a family member sees her, she is doing something new.
  • We are getting used to living here.  We love the house.  It is quiet and relaxing and just what we need.  What we do not need are the spiders and ants and bees that come along with living in the suburbs.  That part is taking more time to get used to!
  • I had my 10 year high school reunion this weekend.  I debated on whether to go but am really happy I did.
  • On our way home from the reunion, I looked down and noticed that my grandmother's ring, my most favorite piece of jewelry (except my engagement and wedding band), was no longer on my hand.  I freaked out.  We spent Sunday back in DC, tracing our footsteps.  We looked in the garage and spoke to the garage employee (who was super kind and helpful).  We spoke with the restaurant, and the manager was incredibly kind and helpful.  But nothing turned up.  I knew it was just a material thing, but the fact that it was my grandmother's makes it a very emotional belonging for me.  I prayed to St. Anthony, but knew that it was gone.  Until today.  I went into our 2nd bathroom, the one I got ready in on Saturday, the one I never go in.  I looked for toilet paper, and glanced up, and there was my ring, shining back at me on the counter.  I flipped out.  I seriously do not know how it ended up in our bathroom.  But I am feeling incredibly grateful, and silly at the same time.
  • Luca has three teeth coming in all at once.  She is, for the most part, handling it like a champ!

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