Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Our days in photos

We are still getting settled into this house, and are making it our home.  I feel so relaxed here.  We have been having some gorgeous weather and I refuse to let it go to waste, especially when we have a backyard that must be enjoyed!

Her new boots:

 She is feeling more confident pulling up to stand...I left the room and came back to find her standing (still holding on):

 Our backyard friends:

I do not know why...but this is a new thing for her.  She likes holding the pacifier in her mouth like this:

A trip to the pumpkin patch!  She liked it much better than last year!

After setting up a blanket and toys in the backyard almost everyday now, I decided to set up a blanket on our front porch to wait for Ian to get home from work.

 And Luca loves bubbles...so I pulled those out to keep her occupied.

I am back to taking more photos on a regular basis...so I should have more photo updates.

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