Thursday, September 29, 2011

The older Luca gets, the more aware of change she is.  Tonight, she is being admitted to the hospital again (it is another scheduled admission).  She has not stayed at the hospital in about 5 weeks.  The more time at home we spend, the harder these admissions are for her, and us.

Last admission, she was wild when we got there, around her bedtime.  So active and chatty, almost like she had had too much caffeine.  We arrived around 8 and she struggled to fall asleep until about 11:30pm.  I imagine we will face a likely scenario tonight.  Then, she awoke every time someone came into the room.  And anyone who has stayed at the hospital knows that someone comes into the room often.  Probably about once per hour a nurse or tech comes in to give a med, hang her IV fluids, get vitals, etc.

While we have been home for longer stretches of time (thank God!), it makes these admissions much harder on all of us.  I have been praying for longer stretches of time, and in addition, for these admissions to become much less frequent than even once per month.

Tomorrow, she has a procedure that should tell us more about where we might be heading in terms of her bile ducts.  As always, you can read more on our caringbridge site, as I try to keep the medical details to a minimum on my blog.

Here's hoping for a short stay, and some good news!

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  1. Hoping for a good admission and stay. HOpe it goes quickly for you all and you get some good news. :O)

    How is the new house?


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