Sunday, September 25, 2011

The move

We moved on Friday.  Thursday night, we found ourselves still packing and organizing for the move at 2am, expecting family to arrive at 7:30am to help with Luca and expecting the movers to arrive around 9am.

Everything went smoothly on the day of the move, minus Luca not napping well and getting a bit cranky.  The movers moved quickly and were very nice, and left our new house a little after 6.

Yesterday, we spent the day with family unpacking and getting everything organized.  We still have a lot more to go, but the kitchen is about complete, and Luca's room is close as well.  Everything else will fall into place in the coming days.

Today, we got cable and internet hooked up and it feels good to have access to reading blogs, facebook, and my email.

I was worried that Luca would not adjust well to being in a new house.  But she has been sleeping beautifully at night and we feel so lucky about that because by the end of the day, Ian and I are exhausted.  So grateful she is sleeping well so that we, too, can get some good rest.

Last night, we had our first experience with a family of deer in our backyard.  I quietly lifted Luca into my arms and stepped onto the deck with her.  I pointed the deer out to her.  And as two baby deer came bounding across the yard, she took notice of them.  Then, she promptly blew a raspberry.  She seemed generally unimpressed!

Our new house is all one level, except it has three steps separating our kitchen from the family room.  Our old house had two huge flights of steps.  Luca took no interest in the steps at our old house.  But in the two days we have lived here, she has been generally obsessed with those three steps.  And she has learned to climb them with very little help.  It is truly amazing to watch how quickly she is progressing since she began crawling just a couple weeks ago.  She is also now pulling up on us to stand, and is loving walking while holding our hands.

We are loving things so far.  I promise to post some pictures soon.  I hope you all had a lovely weekend!

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