Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Planning a 1st Birthday Party

Awhile ago, I posted about my apprehension towards planning Luca's 1st birthday party.

As if the title of this post does not give it away, we ultimately decided to plan a party.  Here is a breakdown of how we have handled the planning of her party.

We knew we could not plan much in advance simply because we never know when she will be spontaneously admitted to the hospital for a fever or bad bloodwork.  In terms of her scheduled admissions into the hospital for procedures, I pushed with her doctors for her next procedure to occur AFTER her birthday weekend.  With their permission, we were able to avoid being admitted today for a procedure.  I was just so worried she'd get admitted for what should only be a two night hospital stay, and then end up with some infection from the procedure or some other weird thing and we'd be stuck there through the weekend.

I sent out an invitation just two weeks prior to the party (which is coming up this Sunday!).  We picked a rain-date in case Luca is in the hospital.  We are having various people bring food that is quick and easy to make - nothing that needs to be ordered or taken care of too far in advance.  The only thing I ordered ahead of time are the cupcakes and mini cake, and I figured we'd take all of those to her nurses if she ends up admitted for some reason.

And even though I sent the invitation out just 2 weeks before the party, and it is August (aka vacation season), we have about 40 people coming, and we're still waiting to hear from a few.  It will be an awesome turnout!

Today, I went out and bought decorations and other cutesy stuff.  I am trying to stay level headed about it - of course I am super excited for the party, but I am trying to keep it to a minimum level until Sunday.  I am so afraid of getting my hopes up for a weekend of celebrations with family and friends, and then afraid I will be devastated if she ends up hospitalized instead. When Sunday comes and we are all set at the party, I will breathe a sigh of relief, and truly cherish every moment of that celebration.

No matter where we are, the next couple weeks are all about celebrating our little girl and how far she has come in a year - and rejoicing that we, as her parents, have made it through this crazy first year!


  1. So exciting!!! I have a feeling things will work out just as you planned :)

  2. Crossing my fingers that everything goes well until Sunday and you guys can celebrate!!

  3. yay for a 1st bday party for your sweetie!!! looking forward to the pictures!

  4. Praying that Luca gets the 1st birthday party that every little kid deserves and every mom wants to throw! Enjoy the party!


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