Monday, August 1, 2011

Housing search continues

Our housing search continues.  If you missed the beginning, you can start here.

Well, remember how we liked house #2?  The owner got the ducts cleaned.  We put in an application and were approved.  Friday, we went to do a smell test to see if the smoke smell was gone.  I still smelled it, primarily near the master bedroom closets (where the smokers clothes were!).  But Ian and I talked it over, and we decided that we thought with a thorough cleaning, area rugs, and repainting the master bedroom (by us) would likely solve most of the issue.  So we asked for the lease.

I received it from my realtor yesterday and I reviewed it last night.  There were a lot of things in the lease that did not sit well with me.  So I called our potential landlord (who also happens to be a realtor) and clarified things.  The main things that were concerning: 1 - tenant is responsible for all infestations, including ants, rodents, termites, 2 - costs for repainting house, bringing in a cleaning crew, and replacing/cleaning carpet are all taken out of our deposit at the end of the lease (even if it is "normal wear and tear"), and 3 - for each and every repair, we have to pay $50 (this includes repairs if an appliance breaks down, not from our doing).  She refused to negotiate on any of those conditions.  And these were just the major issues we had with the lease.

I called our realtor, a close family friend, and talked to her about the issues.  With her guidance about routine leases, Ian and I decided that this lease is not something we can sign.  So, we walked away from that house.

The bad news of all of this is that I had just given notice to our current landlord that August 31 is our last day here.  QUEUE PANIC ATTACK.  I called Ian hysterically crying when all of this went down this morning.  I could barely choke out the words in between sobs, but...where...are (sob sob) we (sob) going to live?

Before telling the owner of house #2 that we are walking away, I called our current landlord and asked if we can rescind our termination notice.  He was super nice and said of course.  I know our current landlord is likely going to try to sell this house in the near future, so he probably wouldn't re-rent to a new tenant after us.  So for him, having us here for another month ensures another month of rent.

Back to square one, looking for a house.  Seriously, what is with this bad luck with potential landlords?

I think I need a stiff drink tonight. I will drink it while I bury my nose in craigslist ads, real estate websites, etc. looking for another house.  God help us - I might possibly lose my head by the end of this.

And I hope we find a place we really love.  Because we might possibly stay there until we're 85 years old because I don't ever want to search for housing again!

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