Monday, August 29, 2011

Our new house

As you all know, our housing search was stressful.  We did not think we were that picky, but when it came time to looking for a new place to rent, we realized our situation with Luca makes us much more picky than we first thought.  We finally started working with a family friend realtor. We looked at a lot of places.  All the while, I was looking at craigslist for other options.  

One Saturday a few weeks ago, I opened up craigslist and found a place in great location, out of our price range.  But the location was awesome.  And also happens to be about 2 streets away from Luca's godparents, (who are the parents to my goddaughter).  These are the people we stay with when Luca is in the hospital.  They are family to us.  I called them right away and they drove by the house for us to take a look.

I contacted the owners.  We went and saw the house the next day.  We fell in love with it.

Then, we sat down and looked at our finances.  We figured out major ways to cut expenses.  And then we realized that by cutting those expenses, we could afford this house.  So we submitted our application.  And we got it!

Things that sold us - the list is long.  The neighborhood is great. We are close to family.  We have privacy because it is a single-family home with 1.5 acres of land (that we are not responsible for mowing all of).  It is super quiet and quaint.  We can have our dog there.  It is all hard-woods.  The house is clean!! because it was redone 3 years ago.  We have a deck and a driveway.  It is three bedrooms, 2 full baths, a family room and a living room.  The kitchen is huge and all updated.  

We get the keys on the 10th.  Pictures to come.

Until we move, I am swamped with packing.  But we are so very excited to start a new chapter.


  1. Awesome!!!! Good luck with the move. So happy to hear you found this gem. xo

  2. That is super exciting for you guys. Congrats.


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