Thursday, September 1, 2011

Thursday Randomness

I miss blogging!  This really is an outlet for me and I need to somehow find some more time to post more often than this once-a-week nonsense.  I have plenty to write about, but just have been busy.  I know I know, everyone is busy.  But this moving business is making me a crazy lady.  Here is some Thursday randomness.

I have been wearing scrunchies lately.  Because didn't you hear they are coming back in style?  No?  Yeah, Ian agrees with you.  When he saw me wearing one he said "what is this, 1990?"  Why am I wearing scrunchies?  Oh because my child has been yanking hair out of my head.  So I have all of this whispies around my face.  She can't yank as hard when my hair gives a little bit.

I am playing fantasy football and our draft night was last night.  It felt really great to go do something and not have it revolve around being a mom, Luca's health, etc.  I also think this was the 3rd time I have gone and done something for myself since Luca was born.  I need to work on doing this more often.

Photo books are expensive to order!

Had an awesome sandwich recently:  Multi-grain bread, mayo, lettuce, smoked turkey, havarti, bacon, and smashed bbq chips.  AMAZING.  Try it.

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