Monday, July 18, 2011

Random Thoughts on a Monday

I have lots of updates and randomness going on.  Here's what's been going on.

Luca had a scheduled procedure 1 week ago.  It was a big step and we are currently on edge waiting to see if her body will handle it.  So far, she has been fever free and happy.  I have been praying multiple times per day that she remains so.

We were discharged last Wednesday and I have been soaking in my time at home with L.  She has been so happy, chatty, and active.  Instead of feeling guilty for walking away from the computer and my cell phone, I have been thinking how lucky I am to be at home with her.  I have really taken a step back and though there is still a part of me that feels guilty for neglecting messages, emails, facebook, etc., I have one little being that is more important than all of that.  I am learning to let go and enjoy these sweet moments.

My heart is aching for this family.  I came across their blog just a few short days before they lost their beautiful boy.  The way they have handled his horrific diagnosis, and the whirlwind that followed, has been amazing to see.  They have handled it with such grace that I have been left speechless and in awe.

We made pork chops on the grill last night using this marinade.  It was amazing.

We made salmon on the grill using this marinade.  It, too, was amazing.

I watched the first season of Glee on netflix.  I am now addicted.

Speaking of netflix, I am appalled at the price increase.

I decided to reread the last Harry Potter book to prepare to watch the movie.  I had not read it since it first came out.  It made me remember how much I loved the series of books.

If you are holding L anywhere near the laptop, she takes a lunge for it.  She is obsessed with it.

When Ian calls to tell me he is on his way home, I take L outside and sit on our front steps and wait for him to get home.  It has become one of my favorite times of day with her.  She stares in wonder at the sky, the leaves on the trees as they rustle in the breeze, the people walking by, the birds.  It is like seeing things for the first time through her eyes.

More updates coming soon now that I have a keyboard that works :)


  1. beautiful big girl, Luca! love these pictures! Had to comment on Glee...we started watching Season 1 about 2 weeks ago on Netflix and watched an episode each night. Also, so addicted. Earlier seasons are so much better -- it's also fun to see how the glee club came together and everyone's characters early on :) Ok, now I sound like a big nerd. Also...NetFlixs price increase is mostly due to new trends in people getting rid of cable (like us!). More and more people are ditching cable and going for internet-based tv watching like Netflix and Hulu. (a recent story I heard on NPR). Anyway, I owe you a's my turn!
    Kisses to Luca!

  2. Luca is such a gorgeous girl. She is growing up so fast! Can't blame you a bit for wanting to disconnect from the digital world to spend time with such a sweet blessing! Hope that you guys get some rest tonight!

  3. Luca is so beautiful and these pictures show her so full of life! I too love looking at the world through my daughters eyes, everything is new and exciting again and I love the innocense they have!


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