Friday, June 25, 2010

Anniversary Celebration

For our 2nd anniversary last weekend, we really were hoping to be able to get away for the weekend.  But with me being so big, and the weather being so hot, we figured that I probably wouldn't be up for a lot of activity if we went somewhere.  We also looked at our finances and felt uncomfortable spending the money to go away for the weekend.  We realize that once she is here, we have to be prepared for anything to happen financially.

So instead, we opted to go out for a super fancy meal at Charleston.  It's only about 10 minutes away, and probably the top rated restaurant in Baltimore.  We had been here once before, about 4-5 years ago and had remembered it being very good.  This time, it certainly did not disappoint.

The food was delicious and I ate just about every bite.  I started with romaine salad with artichokes and a citrus dressing, then had the seared salmon with fresh beets and oranges (this was my personal favorite), and then had the beef tenderloin with rice and beans (this was my least favorite).  Ian started with the beet salad, then had seared big eye tuna, and then had buffalo tenderloin with mushrooms and crispy shallots (this was by far the most amazing of all of our dishes).  I had a cheese plate after dinner, then had the strawberry rhubarb tart with blood orange sorbet.  Talk about eating a lot of food!!

We enjoyed every minute.  We held hands and talked about life together.  We talked about how much our lives are about to change.  We talked and talked and then had quiet moments to sit and look out on the water...both of us cherishing these last few weeks together, and cherishing what was our last super fancy meal together before we two become three. 

At dinner - and wow, my face is starting to look puffy!

We exchanged gifts - second anniversary is "cotton."  We each got each other something little related to that theme.  But then, I was surprised by the second gift Ian gave me.  Ian spoiled me with a camcorder!  We had been talking about getting one but just hadn't managed to look into it.  We talked about how much we wanted one so we could record our little one.  Can't wait to start using it! 

Loved our anniversary celebration this year at a time that is full of all kinds of transitions for us.


  1. You guys are so cute.

    I don't think J and I have ever had a 'romantic' dinner. We usually talk about the food and other random things.

  2. Congrats on your anniversary! You two are so cute! :)

  3. Happy Anniversary!! I'm seriously drooling over here reading about the delicious food you indulged in!


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